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Commit to Healthy Eating Choices

Have you been feeling overly bloated, lethargic or are simply feeling unmotivated? The quality and quantity of your food choices most likely is responsible for your current state. Our bodies are simply not designed to function at their peak ability without proper nourishment and a well-balanced diet. No doubt the constant barrage of nutritional and diet advice from nearly every major media outlet has you running for the nearest couch. It can be understandably difficult to tune it all out. Get back to basics. Forget extreme diets and non-nonsensical focuses on single food groups. These can wreak havoc not only with your metabolism but also with your psyche. While scientific research has exploded on the effects of certain foods and additives in our diet on our overall health, our bodies, and their ability to metabolize foods have not changed.

If you have a goal to eat healthier, you must have a plan. A balanced meal consisting of items from all the major food groups eaten in moderation is the first step.  Forget the concept of dieting as this has only negative connotations of denying yourself tastes which you enjoy. Diets tend to be short term in nature with the predominate goal being to lose unwanted pounds. Healthy eating habits can result in weight loss that is sustainable. As you embark on your course of healthy eating, take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the multi-vitamin supplements available from Your metabolic and nutritional needs can be achieved through these added supplements on a short term basis.

Plan to spend time on the weekends deciding what you will eat during the week and shopping accordingly. Not only is it easier to take a healthy lunch to work each day instead of eating at restaurants with coworkers, it can also be substantially less expensive. Weather permitting; find a place outdoors to enjoy your daily lunch. This will also serve to give you a much needed break from the stresses of the office and regroup for the remainder of your day. The quality of food consumed is just as important as the quantity. Protein selections of lean meats and fish should be approximately the size of your fist while vegetable and salad servings should be roughly the size of an open palm. Plan to have healthy snacks prepared and on hand for an extra energy boost in between meals.